"A great service to monitor your family's web activity. Just install on your PC and privately monitor from anywhere."

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Monitoring and control software you can trust
McGruff the Crime Dog - "Take a Bite out of Crime" - has been protecting families in your neighborhood for over 30 years, and today McGruff SafeGuard is protecting your children as they go online. Used by tens of thousands of parents, McGruff SafeGuard is the easiest to use and the most comprehensive parental control solution.

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Remotely Monitor Your Child's Chat & Email

See Your Child's Online Communication
What they chat about, what they email about, what they post on facebook & other social networks.

Easy To Use and Inexpensive
Notifies you via email or text message when your child's online behavior is worrisome.  View your child's activity from Work or Home. Works with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP PC.  After your 30-day free trial is over, you can continue monitoring a single PC for about $7/month or all the PCs in your home for about $11/month.

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Your password won't be visible when you actually sign-in

Is your child being cyber-bullied?

Would you know if they were?

Daily reports of your child's activity are emailed to you

Remote Monitoring and Tracking
View activity from your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safarai, etc.).  Can operate in stealth mode.

Monitor & Control All Online Activity
Chat/IM, Usernames & Passwords, Email, Websites Visited, Searching & Googling, Keystrokes Typed, Programs Used.  Control PC Use & Time Limits, Blocks Porn & Other Inappropriate Websites

McGruff SafeGuard is used by parents to monitor children or teens or kids using facebook chat, facebook messages, facebook converstaions, facebook activity, facebook friends, facebook comments.  It is a facebook monitoring tool that parents use for facebook parental monitoring.  It is in the category of sotware to monitor social networks.

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